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The National Magnetics Group of companies manufactures technical ceramics (magnetic and advanced materials) and powdered iron cores that meet the needs of a diversified client base across many industries throughout the world. Our longstanding commitment to quality, experienced personnel and domestic production is what makes NMG well positioned to care for your magnetic and other technical ceramics needs.  NMG is a privately held, family business.

Mission Statement:

At National Magnetics Group our mission is to create an excellent product and provide outstanding service to our customers.  We will do this in a timely and efficient manner.  In satisfying our customer’s expectations we will create and sustain jobs that give opportunities to our employees.

Industries Served:

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Ceramic Magnetics

Our ceramic magnetics division places an emphasis on custom and non-standard production shapes.  Unique forming techniques enable the largest shapes in the industry.

A broad range of material compositions, controlled to exacting standards, address all applications.

Special attention given to cores for the  scientific community, particularly for particle accelerators, where large shapes are used as pole pieces (aka kicker magnets) to focus the magnetic flux to deflect the beam into experiment targets or in tuning cavities to concentrate the beam.

Ceramic Powders

Founded in 1964, maintains full powder processing capabilities for production volumes of ferrite (and other) powders for both in-house and customer use.  From small scale to high volume, capabilities feature mixing and homogenizing, calcining, particle size reduction, spray drying, as well as custom material formulation and characterization.


Founded in 1968, manufactures soft ferrites with an emphasis on small shapes, with high volume production levels, typically used as inductors, chokes and transformers.  Additional capabilities include wound components utilizing off-shore labor.

National Magnetics Group

Founded in 1940, manufactures soft ferrites, ceramic magnets, powdered iron cores and microwave absorbers.  For soft ferrites emphasis is on medium to large shapes, with production volumes.  Extruded shapes are a specialty.  Highly experienced in the manufacture of high frequency materials.  In-house tooling combined with extensive technical experience enables concept to production capabilities for a variety of shapes in a reasonable time frame.

TCI Ceramics

Founded in 1972, manufactures microwave and spinel ferrites and dielectrics.  Full range of materials offered in varying shapes.   Additional product line is advanced ceramic materials, with emphasis on thermal barrier coatings.   TCI is a research, development and manufacturing company with a proven ability for scale-up production of new products.  Specialized chemistries and purity, phase content, particle characterization (size/surface area/distribution/morphology) can be obtained depending on the specific application.  We welcome technical discussions regarding your application and specifications for your powder needs.