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Soft Ferrite: Pressed

The most common forming technique suited for medium to high volume production. We have over 75 presses ranging in capacity from 2 to 250 tons. We are tooled for shapes as small as 0.016″ in diameter to as large as 9.5″. If length exceeds 2″ Extruded or Machined products are an option. Available in most materials – some materials have different shrinkage rates (from 10% to 20%) so sizes may vary based on material selection and tool design.


Most common shape, available in diameters from 0.050 to 9.5".


Alternative to toroids, designed for high power.


Most common shape is a balun.


Your EMI/RFI solution.

Slug/Rod Core

Simplest shape, available in lengths up to 2".


Large surface area for maximum effect.


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