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Carbonyl/Sponge Powdered Iron

Used as a core material in RF circuits requiring high Q inductors from 50kHz to 500 MHz and broadband transformers above 50 MHz. Also available loaded into a rigid, resin matrix for use as a microwave absorber in coax or waveguide loads, attenuators, chokes and other dissipative elements for use from 100 kHz to over 40 GHz.
Property (Symbol)

Temp. Stability
(-55 to +125C)

Particle Size

Density (D)

Frequency (f)

31208.5351-35.010-200carbonyl iron, higher Q at hi freq. (vs. 3118), high cost
31189302-45.01-60carbonyl iron, higher Q at hi freq. (vs. 3976), high cost
397610953-55.00.1-40carbonyl iron, high Q, most widely used, moderate cost
3900202807-96.50.05-10reduced carbonyl iron, high Q, < 1 MHz, high permeability, high cost
3908352555-76.50.05-2reduced carbonyl iron, medium Q, high permeability, high cost
38666095011-136.10.06-50annealed sponge iron, high permeability, low Q, low cost

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