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Quality Assurance

Our products are produced to meet high quality standards.  Management and employees are trained in the implementation of a Quality Assurance System based on ISO 9000 and our process control is based on SPC techniques.  Corrective and preventive actions are taken for any process where an unfavorable trend is observed.  This system is applicable for the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.  For ceramic products, cooperation between supplier and customer is very important.  Ferrite cores are known for their reliability.  The core is generally a building block for a wound component or assembly and many things can go wrong during the assembly process, but the core is not always the problem.  Mutual agreement for acceptable non-critical characteristics may be required to avoid line rejects.  Click on ISO logo (see footer below) to see our current certificate.

Quality Assurance Policy:

National Magnetics Group is committed to supplying quality products and superior service to our customers. We will encourage and promote customer satisfaction through quality, employee involvement, safety, continuous improvement and partnership.