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Once a material is selected for a given application it typically must be formed into a specific shape (or product) to be useful.  Please review our standard product offerings – given our diverse forming processes we can likely make any shape required.  If you require a size not listed please call us – we have many tool options available and can also custom design to fit your needs.

Soft Ferrite: Pressed

Axially formed with many shapes available.

Soft Ferrite: Extruded

Best option for lengths ranging from 2 to 8".

Soft Ferrite: Machined

Our specialty: large shape, custom design, tight tolerance, reproducible.

Soft Ferrite: Assembled/Wound

Complex assemblies...made easy.

Powdered Iron

Powder cores and absorbers.


Permanent magnet solutions....


Designed for wireless communication and radar applications.


Thermal barrier coating solutions.

Ceramic Powders

Custom formulations from the experts.