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Ultra Dense Ferrite Materials

Typically used for recording heads and guides where the material contacts the tape media and applications where the material is used to measure a material in motion as well as applications where the mechanical integrity of the ferrite is critical.
Property (Symbol)

Initial Permeability (µi)Saturation Flux Density (Bsat)


Curie Temp. (Tc)

Volume Resistivity (ρ)


Application AreasAvailable AsData Sheet
CMD90827003200105106fully dense, NiZn, designed for wear resistant applicationsmachinedCMD908
MND520046005200195225high density, MnZn, magnetic material wear-resistant, recording heads, specialty transformersmachinedMND5200
MND51005600510017560high density, MnZn, magnetic material wear-resistant, non-destructive testing, current probes, etc.machinedMND5100

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