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Slug/Rod Core

Slug/Rod Core

Available in lengths up to 2″, are primarily used as antennas, chokes, inductors, and filters in radio applications (RFID). They can be easily formed from a wide range of materials to meet your frequency and application requirements.  Diameters, typically < 1″, can be held to tight tolerances with centerless grinding.  Length to diameter ratios of ~7:1  required for structural integrity, otherwise different forming techniques necessary (ie. extrusion or isostatic pressing).  Refer to Effective Permeability of Rods for relationship between material permeability and length to diameter ratio.

  1. Material (-X): prefix for NiZn (ie. M-919) or suffix for MnZn (ie. SC-919-M20)
  2. Length: made to order (shorter available, maximum listed)
  3. Tolerances (dimensional): ±2% (nominal value may vary based on material choice)
  4. Tolerance (magnetic): Inductance ±10% & Q: -20%
  5. Grinding: available for tighter tolerances
  6. Tooling: call if require different size, for other SLUG configurations also see PLATE/DISC, FERRITE: EXTRUDED or FERRITE MACHINED (CUSTOM CORES)
ROD CORES (< 1" dia.)


inches (mm)

SC-1334-X0.016 (0.41)0.030 max.
SC-1312-X0.018 (0.46)0.030 max.
SC-1326-X0.024 (0.61)0.050 max.
SC-1093-X0.032 (0.81)0.100 max.
SC-1127-X0.040 (1.02)0.187 max
SC-1153-X0.055 (1.40)0.187 max.
SC-555-X0.065 (1.65)0.156 max.
SC-1139-X0.090 (2.29)0.156 max.
SC-1349-X0.095 (2.41)0.500 max.
SC-1083-X0.116 (2.95)0.500 max.
SC-1103-X0.125 (3.18)0.500 max.
SC-1107-X0.150 (3.81)1.250 max.
SC-246-X0.156 (3.96)0.500 max.
SC-1047-X0.187 (4.75)0.875 max.
SC-1075-X0.195 (4.95)1.250 max.
SC-919-X0.250 (6.35)2.000 max.
SC-1074-X0.300 (7.62)1.000 max.
SC-1061-X0.312 (7.92)2.000 max.
SC-1071-X0.330 (8.38)2.000 max.
SC-971-X0.375 (9.53)2.000 max.
SC-1116-X0.485 (12.32)2.000 max.
SC-999-X0.500 (12.70)2.000 max.
SC-1516-X0.845 (21.46)1.000 max.
SC-1435-X0.900 (22.86)2.000 max.
SC-1045-X0.975 (24.77)2.000 max.