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Expanded Machining Capacity and Capabilities

September 18, 2017

National Magnetics Group further expands its machining capabilities and capacity by bringing online new computer numeric controlled (CNC) mills in their machining cell.  These CNC’s are utilized to produce complex part geometries at full production volumes.

Utilization of these CNC mills provides reliable and repeatable processing with minimal setup for both simple and complicated core geometries.  Increased production volumes are realized by the utilization of off shifts with 24/7 machining capabilities.

Increased quality is gained as the tedious setups and repetitive tasks of manual machining are eliminated.  Tighter tolerances are achieved through the exacting precision and repeatability of the machine’s positioning system.  This ultimately translates to more options for the design engineer as they will be able to further push the envelope of their creativity.

Please contact a sales associate,, to learn more about how these capabilities can be utilized for your new designs or how your current production can be optimized.

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