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Six Hole Choke

Six Hole Choke

Ferronics offers a line of six hole beads and chokes for applications where a single hole bead does not provide the impedance level desired.  Six hole beads are provided in the following materials: J  (850 ui for 20 – 300 MHZ) & K (125ui  for 50 – 500 MHz).  The standard chokes are offered in 1.5, 2.5 and 3 turn versions (Figures 1, 2 and 4).  Ferronics also offers a common mode choke version with 2 x 1.5 turns (Figure 3).  The six hole bead can be custom wound to meet your particular requirements.  Custom configurations (ie. material, shape, holes, turns, etc.) available upon request.

  1. Material (-X): suffix (ie. 82-152-J)
  2. #24 AWG tinned copper wire standard
  3. See multihole bead PN 12-390-X for dimensions (0.236 dia. x 0.394)
Part NumberTurnsFigureFrequency (MHz)Min. Impedance (Ω)

K (125ui)
Min. Impedance (Ω)

J (850 ui)
82-153-X2 x 1-1/23100450400